Table of Contents

Foreword by Dr. John Perkins
List of Contributors
List of Illustrations and Charts
Nehemiah Strategy
Chart for Going Upstream
Organizing Model for Social Justice

Introduction: Going Upstream by Jill Shook

PART I: The Foundation

1. Our Nation’s Housing Crisis—Terry Carter and Jill Shook

2. Ownership, Land, and Jubilee Justice—Lowell Noble with Ed Mahoney, Bert Newton, and Jill Shook

PART II: Tangible Structures
Introduction to Chapter 1: Two Models of Sweat Equity—Edward F. Moncrief
3. Habitat for Humanity and Peachtree Presbyterian Church (Atlanta, Gerogia)—Millard Fuller

Introduction to Chapter 4: Church of the Saviour’s Inward and Outward Journey—Marian Bray
4. Jubilee Housing (Washington, D.C.)—Susan P. Ortmeyer and Jill Shook

Introduction to Chapter 5: Adaptive Reuse Model—Jill Shook and Anthony Manousos
5. An Ex-Prison (Atlanta, Georgia) by Bob Lupton and an Abandoned Hospital (Chicago, Illinois)—Mary Nelson

Introduction to Chapter 6: Tenants Taking Ownership—Shane Claiborne and Anthony Manousos
6. Change from the Inside Out (Los Angeles, California)—Paul A. Smith

Introduction to Chapter 7: Mixed Use and Mixed Income—Jill Shook
7. The Point (Denver, Colorado)—Ray Sranske and Marilyn Stranske

Introduction to Chapter 8: Indigenous Property Management—Jill Shook with Anthony Manousos
8. Raising Lazarus from the Dead (Chicago, Illinois)—Richard Townsell

Introduction to Chapter 9: The Co-op Movement and Housing Cooperatives—Jill Shook and Anthony Manousos
9. Mustard Tree Co-op (Detroit, Michigan)—Ronald Spann

Introduction to Chapter 10:  The Co-housing Model—Thomas and Christine Sine
10. Temescal Commons (Oakland, California )—J. R. Bergdoll Jr.

Introduction to Chapter 11: Workforce Housing Model—Jill Shook
11. Vista Hermosa (Pasco, Washington)—Roger Bairstow

            Introduction to Chapter 12: Community Land Trusts—Jill Shook and Anthony Manousos
12. HOME (Orland, Maine)—Jill Shook

Introduction to Chapter 13: Two Models of Empowerment and Community Transformation—Jill Shook and Lee Blons (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
13. Urban Homeworks: From Mixed Income Duplexes to Community Land Trust HomesJill Shook and Anthony Manousos with Urban Homeworks’ Staff

Introduction to Chapter 14: Community Organizing—Robert C. Linthicum
14. The Nehemiah Strategy (South Bronx, New York)—Lee Stuart with John Heinemeier

PART III: Intangible Structures

15. Setting the Stage—Daryn Kobata, Jill Shook, and Anthony Manousos

16. Hopeful Signs and Calls for Change—Jill Shook with Anthony Manousos

17. Getting Started—Andy Krumsieg with Jill Shook