Alternative Building Materials

Manufactured homes are creating homeownership for many in today’s economy. And for those who are organizing and creating ownership of the land under these homes, there is more security in stable and affordable costs. This is especially important for seniors, the main user of manufactured homes, who are on fixed retirement incomes. But use of manufactured homes must be weighed with environmental sustainability and long-term planning of a healthy community that must be considered.

See pages 250 and 251 for more discussion on this topic.

Rammed Earth, Superadobe, Strawbale, and Styrofoam: There are many alternative  construction materials, some of which have been proven and still standing over centuries for their durability: Rammed Earth, Superadobe, Strawbale, and (surprisingly) Styrofoam. Habitat for Humanity, churches and other reputable groups have used these many of these environmental friendly materials. A level of education and advocacy is often required to gain permission for their use.

Please see pages 251 to 254 for a more discussion on how these method could save money and lower the cost of housing.

If you are aware of other building materials that are being used effectively to create affordability and sustainability please contact me:

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