model 2

Rehab of Apartment Buildings:  The Inward and Outward Journey

In the introduction to this model, Marian Bray and Jill Shook tell of Church of the Saviour’s beginnings, their commitment to covenant communities, and the Inward and Outward Journey. This model has resulted in a multiplication of ministries that thirty years later are still transforming lives and Washington D.C.

Terry Flood, pictured here, was one of five initial players, all part of a small covenant prayer group, who together envisioned Jubilee Housing. The relentless commitment of this group inspired Jim Rouse to begin the Enterprise Foundation, today called  Enterprise Community Partners, the largest nationwide organization offering funding and technical support for affordable housing. Since the 1970s, churches from across the U.S. travel to Church of the Saviour to learn from this ministry model, first conceived by Rev. Gordon Cosby.As Gordon envisioned his church, he became increasingly convinced that the greatest impact on the world comes about because of small groups of highly committed, disciplined people focused on inward growth and outward ministries.

With permission for the use of  Elizabeth Oconner’s writings, in the chapter, Susan P. Ortmeyer with Jill Shook recount how the birth of Jubilee housing began with Terry Flood gathered around the tables at the Potter’s House Coffee Shop on Colombia Road—a ministry of Church of the Saviour. With no money and trust in God’s provision, they first acquired The Ritz and The Mozart (pictured  here), with over 900 housing code violations, and teeming with frustrated, poor residents.  For the Church of the Saviour, these deteriorating buildings were a special gift from God. Jubilee Housing is located in Adams-Morgan district, which today is an upscale, trendy neighborhood.  Yet, Jubilee Housing has maintained rents 40% of market rate, within the eight buildings they have acquired. The chapter tells of the how they have recently finished refurbishing all the buildings 30 years after their first renovation.

Jubilee Housing became the birthing place for many other ministries such as Christ House, pictured here, which began when church members saw minor health conditions escalate for the homeless because they had no place to recover.

Note the church’s public art. Their art is evident along Colombia Road. It is breathtaking, giving praise and honor to the name of Christ.