Setting the Stage: Educating/Convening/Certifying — and Foreclosure Prevention

Many courses, institutes and conferences today bring awareness and offer a forum for relationships and opportunity around the issues of affordable housing.

The LA Riots revealed that Asian American communities are too often overlooked. Having learned from the African American Church, she has been able to make visible what is too often invisible, and founded Korean Churches for Community Development—KCCD (

Hyepin Im, has built a broad network of churches on a local and national scale. She has convened Korean and other Asian American churches to help them leverage their own resources and access government funding for community and housing development. She has convened a number of conferences with HUD a number of other partners to build awareness and opportunity. Here are some examples: in their partnership with banks, they offer financial literacy classes and homeownership fairs at churches, as well as the Keep Your Home and foreclosure prevention programs.

Many groups across the US, like KCCD, gain the training and certification needed for the services from NeighborWorks USA: NeighborWorks has a nationwide network of trainings offered on about every aspect of affordable housing development, property management, asset management, foreclosure prevention training and more.