Setting the Stage: Direct Service - Homeless and Foreclosure Prevention

In this chapter, Daryn Kobata, Jill Shook and Anthony Manousos explore a broad spectrum of models going up the steam, from direct service to changing the system itself.  They look at housing created by people of faith, yet without necessarily building it. Instead these churches set the stage for housing to be created with direct service; mobilizing, education and convening; community development, advocacy and organizing.

Examples of Direct Services to create:
 Temporary shelter, helping the homeless finds jobs and housing and foreclosure prevention and mitigation

Many churches are involved in year round and seasonal shelters (even in their churches),and other churches are going the next step to walk with the homeless in their search for jobs and housing, and minimize barriers that keep them from being employed and housed. Here’s some examples:

  1. Family Promise, where 3-5 homeless families stay in a church for a week, then rotate within a network of 14 or so churches. Daily families go to a recourse center where a social worker helps them find job and housing.


  2. Open Table, where a church circles around supporting one homeless person or family, a type of loving case management.


  3. Bridge to Hope National is similar to Open Table, where churches mentor homeless

  4. A number of churches offer foreclosure prevention counseling like KCCD’s Keep Your Home program: and their foreclosure prevention programs  and WestAngeles Community Development Corporations classes are similar in scope:

Some groups like Occupy Fights Foreclosures are helping family unlawfully evicted to regain their homes.