Getting Started:

In this chapter Andy Krumseg and Jill Shook trace the life of the biblical Nehemiah, drawing from it the following success factors and best practices in creating affordable housing:

Andy’s personal story is interwoven into the chapter along with glimpses of the stories told throughout the book, all with the aim to reinforce these success factors—those essentials for any successful housing ministry.

There are some excellent national organizations committed to helping local groups succeed in affordable housing development. Here are just a few:

LISC helps non-profits achieve their local goals to transform communities:

Enterprise Foundation provides the needed capital and expertise needed to get started:

The National Low Income Housing Coalition clearly describes a wonderful list of HUD programs, which may fit your local goals.,

If you are aware of other organizations that should be added to this website, please contact Jill Shook at (626) 675-1316.