Setting the Stage:  Advocacy for Affordable Housing

In Making Housing Happen you will read about Charles Suhayda, who was a pastor of Hollywood Presbyterian Church, challenged the many homeless who attended their Lord’s Lighthouse weekly meals to address the housing issue they face daily. A team emerged. Using his background as a scientist, he encouraged his homeless and near homeless friends to create a survey, have hundreds of their peers participated. This research showed the need for more affordable housing for single males. Their survey results gave them a voice at the table and ultimately resulted in one among them selected as an LA city commissioner. By advocating for more affordable housing, this team enabled additional housing units to be built in their neighborhood. They partnered with other advocates to help to pass California’s Prop.46, which provided a 2.1 Billion Dollar Bond for affordable housing.

There are many groups that are doing excellent work and the research needed to advocate for affordable housing:

In the following coalitions, institutes and magazine keep us abreast of affordable housing advocacy efforts taking place across our landscape: